General Questions

What is an OEM Code?

An OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) code is the series of letters and or numbers that make up a formulation code. The code is then entered into the formulation computer that brings up the exact paint mix formulation for that particular vehicle.

What is ‘flat and polish?

This is where a fine wet or dry abrasive is used to ‘cut’ down the top surface and make flat. A rubbing compound is the used to polish the surface to a shine.

What is a cutting compound or cutting paste?

This is a liquid with micro hard particles that are so fine that when rubbed hard over an abraded surface it buffs to a shine.

What is base color?

This is the base pigment mixed to an accurate color recipe that by itself provides color but has very little environmental protection.

What is Clear coat (Lacquer)?

This is the UV stable clear protective coating applied over the base color to protect it from the elements.

How do you make an accurate color match?

Each car has a unique VIN (vehicle identification number) and this is the DNA information for the car. Coded within that information amongst many other things is the color code. TUPF has an exclusive mechanism to decipher the code and can identify the very color that the car was manufactured with. This then translates to a color recipe that is weighed out down to 100th gramme accuracy to ensure that the color you receive is an exact likeness to the color your car was manufactured with.

What is the difference between a 1K Clear Coat and a 2K Clear Coat?

2K Clear coat has a an additional chemical catalyst that upon activation within the can produces a chemical reaction that hardens the clear coat giving it superior hardness / surface protection and gloss levels to that of a 1K Clear Coat.

All in One Kits

What is the ‘All in One’ Touch Up Paint System ?

The "ALL IN ONE" paint system is a special combination of the base pigment (the color beneath the clear coat) and a proprietary clear coat additive (the clear protective UV stable coat on top of the base color) blended together so that you can apply both products in one simple application hence the name "ALL IN ONE"!

This product provides an easier application and superior finish than a conventional touch up paint which requires two separate applications (paint & clear coat) that can cause a paint blob as well as the shade of the color to change due to the manually applied clear coat resulting in a poor visible finish.

Paint & Finishes

Is each paint already made and held in stock?

Due to the vast selection of colors available we make each paint to order on a daily basis so it is completely new for the customer and to maximise shelf life.

Does it work on Pearlescent / Tri Coat Finishes?

Whilst this is the most difficult finish due to the complexity of the paint we have achieved very good results with our paint system. In the case of Tri colors the kit comes with two paints so as achieve the most original finish.

Matt Paint

When can i use matt paint?

You can use Precision Pigments paint on Matt paintwork but you must NOT use polish on a car that is painted with this finish as it will lose its matt finish.